"We currently have two American French Tool presses here at Open Studio, one with a 30" x 48" bed and the other a 48" x 78" bed – we wouldn’t trade them for anything! These presses are simply top of the line and true workhorses. Since 2002 I have been the Technical Director at Open Studio, an artist run center in Toronto, Canada, and I have witnessed our presses withstand the daily use of our regular studio users and members, as well as visiting artists, custom project artists and our many education program participants, with only the usual maintenance and no major repairs or parts replacements required. Our smaller press was actually purchased in 1977 and the large one in 1991 so that’s saying a lot!"

-Jill Graham,
Technical Director
Open Studio

American French Tool Chain Drive
The American French Tool chain drive allows printmakers to pull prints effortlessly, even under the heaviest of pressures. The chain drive consists of an oversized, double-row sprocket mounted directly to the upper roll. The chain drive is powered by the beautiful, large 60" fully enclosed star wheel. The oversized star wheel not only provides the printmaker with complete control, but it also completes the signature look and elegant design of the American French Tool etching press.

American French Tool Frame
The unique and elegant design of American French Tool’s side frame is one of the most destinctive asthetic features on this world class etching press. This design is acheived by precision machining 1/2" thick steel or aluminum plate. Then these side frames are connected by deck plates to provide maxium support and durability. The looks, design, and stability of the American French Tool frame are second to none.

American French Tool Bedplates
There are many different views of what material makes the best bedplate; we offer two different types of bedplate material for the American French Tool Presses. The standard bedplate is made from 1 1/8" thick steel plate persicion gound to 7/8" thick. An optional aluminum bedplate can also be ordered.

American French Tool Press
Rolls and Bearings

The rolls are precision machined from 8" diameter solid steel. The rolls are mounted in self-aligning, anti-friction bearings to insure smooth and easy operation under the most severe printing pressures. Roll bearings are rated at well over five times the maximum pressure encountered in normal printing! The upper roll is spring counter balanced to maintain positive contact with the pressure adjusting screws at all times. Sixteen auxiliary rollers are provided to support the bed plate in the extended positions. If a lighter press is desired, tubular rolls can be provided in place of the standard solid steel rolls. Please see our options and pricing sections of our printmaking catalog for more information.

American French Tool Pressure screws
The pressure adjusting screws are 1 1/4" diameter x 10 pitch. Micro-gauges on the pressure screws assure ease of fine adjustments and absolute repeatability of setting.

American French Tool Micro-Gauges
One of the most sought after features we offer is the micrometer gauge. The micro-gauge provides easy-to-repeat, precise settings. Our gauge is a barrel thimble type that is calibrated to .001" per line. This means you can adjust each pressure screw by about the same thickness as a human hair! The Conrad Machine Co. micro-gauges are the very best in the printmaking industry. All American French Tool floor model presses come standard with micro-gauges.

American French Tool Motorizing
All Floor Model American French Tool etching presses can be customized and motorized. Please call the factory for additional information.

American French Tool Options
-Oversized upper roll: If you desire a larger upper roll, we offer as an option a 2” larger upper roll. Just add two inches to the standard size listed.
-Bedplates: Aluminum alloy or composite laminate.
-Motor drive: ˝ H.P., 110/220 v., 60 or 50 Hertz.
-Hand crank: we offer a heavy duty 25:1 commercial drive with a hand crank instead of the star wheel.
-Chrome: chrome upper roll.

American French Tool Specs
-Bed plate sizes: 20"x40", 24"x48", 26"x48", 30"x52", 32"x54", 36"x60", 40"x70", 44"x70", 48"x78", 60"x120"
-Drive: Chain drive with oversized double-row sprocket.
-Star Wheel: 60" enclosed.
-Upper Roll: 8" diameter solid steelwith 3" dia. bearing journals.
-Lower Roll: 8" diameter solid steel with 3" dia. bearing journals.
-Micro-Gauges: callibrated to .001" per line.
-Auxiliary Bed Support Rollers: 16 roller bearings.
-Bed Stops: standard.
-Steel Bed: 7/8" thick precision machined.
-Side Frames: 1/2" thick steel.
-Columns: 1 3/4" x 2 1/2" thick steel.

American French Tool 25 Year Warranty
Conrad Machine Warranty Logo All Conrad Machine Co. Presses come with the printmaking industry's best 25 Year Warranty. We here at Conrad Machine Co. believe in our products and workmanship, so much so, that we will repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship for the first 25 years of the life of your printmaking press.